‘Seed of Love' is a registerd Kenian ministry that, with help from Belgium ('Seed of Love België vzw'), aims to optimize the life of the future Kenyans in the region Kamulu.
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It is our mission to assure a proper education for orphans or children raised by single parents /grandparents. This way they can create better chances in the future and help others in their turn. We do this by supporting their (grand)parents financially. We also give trainings for young adults such as sewing and pattern design, woodworking, metallurgy, agriculture and stockraising.
We want to offer the poorest people amongst Kamulu and Ruai a healthier life than the life they have now. There is a lot of TBC, malaria and a infant mortality caused by poverty. With the dispensary (vaccinations, consultations and pharmacy) we want to provide affordable health care.
We grow vegetables and poultry on our compound of 1,1 ha. Our well is a blessing as it provides drinkable water! We can also use the water to give it to the poultry and water the vegetables! We’re already partially self-sufficient with the help of the sale of vegetables and water.
We have employed a local manager, a doctor, a lab assistant and a gardener. There is also a team of volunteers helping the organization.