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Our vision, goal and history

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Coming event

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Sat. 3 FEB 2024 l From 18u l Luikersteenweg 395 Hasselt

Hakuna Matata 10th aniversary

Hakuna Matata means 'don't worry'. At least something you don't have to do about dinner on Feb february 3rd when you come to our African foodfest for the benefit of our project in Kenya. 

This year is a special occasion, as we have reached the 10th anniversary of Hakuna Matata, and we would like to celebrate this with all of you!

KENYAN FOODFEST - 10th Anniversary

To give is to love

Too many children around the world are still falling behind in life, simply because of where they were born. Seed Of Love believes in a world where children have the opportunity to learn in order to achieve long-term, positive change in Kenyan communities.


Seed Of Love VZW is a grassroots, non-profit, Community Based Organization (CBO) in Kenya. We work with families and communities in Kenya's  with low-income in order to break the poverty cycle and enable social change. We do this by providing education, improving health, empowering women and developing trade through sustainable income-generating projects.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Ways to give

Image by Kat Yukawa


Skip a restaurant getaway: You can change a life. Make a charitable donation to children in need. To give is to love.

Image by Doug Linstedt


Sponsoring a child connects two people: a sponsor with a generous heart and a child living in poverty.

Afval ophalen


Every penny you raise from a cake sale, quiz night or marathon for example can and will change lives. Be creative. Do something unexpected to be part of the children's future.

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about how we're changing the lives of children and families

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