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Our Mission

To teach families to become self-sufficient and in this way transform the future of a child and his community.


Our Vision

Give someone a fish and he'll have food for one day. Teach that person to fish and he'll have food for the rest of his life.

Goals and objectives

  • Empowering children and young people from underprivileged and vulnerable families in Kenya to develop their personality and talents inorder for them to reach their full potential. This is done by promoting and facilitating access to education so that they can grow up to be independent, socially aware individuals and participate in the sustainable development of their community and family.

  • Through home visits and evaluations we find out what the factors are that prevent children and young people in Kenya from growing up and developing according to the rights of the child. These factors include but are not limited to; limited access to education, hunger and malnutrition, lack of basic needs due to poverty, limited access to medical services or information about diseases and family planning, lack of safety and shelter, social discrimination and isolation, long distances to educational facilities and health facilities, lack of emotional support, etc.

  • Provide affordable health care to children, families and the surrounding low-income community to increase access to health care services and information.

  • Providing basic education, vocational training, training and workshops for young people and the community in modern agricultural techniques, health, environment, science and technology, culture, family planning, job placement, creation and development of micro and small enterprises and helping to identify and clarify their needs. These training courses provide work readiness so that they can acquire management skills to set up small-scale businesses for themselves and thus be self-sufficient.

  • To advocate for the rights of children and young people and to promote gender sensitivity in all project areas. Our goal is to be a center for the community to come together to discuss and resolve issues related to improving their education and training, self-reliance, communication, self-confidence, life skills, health, mental and spiritual counseling, general counseling, social, religious and economic well-being, reunification with their families and/or placement in organizations that will provide them with the above. To give a voice to the oppressed and disadvantaged groups in the community in an effort to support lobbying to alleviate their plight and improve their situation and access to education and support.

A little history

At the beginning of 2008, severe problems arose throughout Kenya due to electoral clashes. Over a thousand people died and 500.000 had to flee. Some Kenyan women put their heads together to find a solution to one of Kenya's major post-electoral problems, namely the loss of father and/or mother and the care by family members.

One of these women, Terry Wambui, spent two years trying to provide children and their families with food, water and medication where it was needed. For her this became financially unbearable on her own.

In this way, after two years since the elections, VZW Seed Of Love was founded in 2010 to offer these children and young people an opportunity for a better future, namely to offer an education and to create a safe haven.

Since then Kenya has stabilized and Seed Of Love has grown into an organization that is committed to making children and families self-sufficient, this to improve the future of the children. Since 2012 Seed of Love is a recognized organization in Belgium and since 2013 also in Kenya.

Meet the team

We have a team in both Belgium and in Kenya who volunteer on a daily basis to carry the mission of Seed Of Love forward. Thanks to this cooperation with the local Kenyans, great achievements have been made possible. Our projects flourish thanks to everyone's hard work and dedication to bring about positive change in the lives of vulnerable children and their communities. None of this would have been possible without the close cooperation with the Evangelical Community "De Zaaier" in Belgium who support us in our projects, as well as the community of Hasselt. Besides our board in Belgium and Kenya, we have many other volunteers who lend us a hand during events.

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Founder and board member Belgium 

Rose Wambui Ngere
Jozef Tielen

Board member Belgium


Danny Vaesen

Board member Belgium


De Brouwer

Board member Belgium


Yasmine Verhaert

Board member Belgium


Terry Wambui Ngugi

Board member Kenya


John Mwaura

Board member Kenya


Rosemary Njeri Waithaka

Board member Kenya


Gabriel Waithaka

Board member Kenya


Kimani Martin

Board member Kenya



Member Kenya


Sylvia Wanja Kamau

Member Kenya


Babra S.M. Wambui

Change their future, so they can change the world.

Facts about Kenya

Image by Ninno JackJr


26% of children aged 5-14 are involved in child labour in Kenya. This ensures that many of them are not able to go to school full-time.

Image by Trevor Cole


In very traditional areas, 98% of girls are at risk of genital mutilation.

Image by Esteban Castle


An estimated 300,000 children and young people in Kenya live on the streets

Image by Ian Macharia


26% of the girls married before their 18th birthday.

Image by Michelen Studios


36% of people live below the poverty line (less than $1.9 per day)

Image by bill wegener


58% of schoolchildren never finish high school and sit the national final exam (KCSE). 

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