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Sat. 13 Nov l From 16u l Kiezelstraat 118, Hasselt

Hakuna Matata

Means 'don't worry'. At least something you don't have to do about dinner on November 13th when you come to our African take-away for the benefit of our project in Kenya. 

Hakuna Matata affiche take-away 2021.png
Hakuna Matata take-away

Hakuna Matata means "don't worry. We hoped to plan a big party where we could all come together. This grand celebration is coming, but unfortunately not in 2021. We choose to put safety first for one more year anyway, but we do want to give you the opportunity to taste delicious, freshly prepared Kenyan food with a Kenyan take-away like we had organized last year. 

How does it work: 
1. You go to www.seedoflovevzw.org, enjoy some of our website and sign up for our newsletter.

2. Then you go to events where you find more information and where you can order and pay directly. Not so handy with the computer? You can also order and pay with the board members. Just give us a call. 

3. You can choose between three menus: chicken menu, beef menu or vegetarian/vegan menu. You can order extra dishes like plantain and samosas for an extra price to enjoy even more or to put in the freezer. 

4. On November 13 we will be waiting for you from 16h - 19h30 with a broad smile and we will be selling gems and statues made in Kenya.

5. Don't forget to invite family, colleagues, friends and neighbors to support our project in Kenya. 


Hope to see you there! 


How does it work?

Order before 11th November


On November 13th, we will await you

from 16h till 19u30 

Kiezelstraat 118

3500 Hasselt, België