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First and foremost, we are humbled and grateful to each and everyone who offers their time and labor to our organization. Without you we cannot achieve our dream to bring a better future to the seed of love community in need. This year we were delighted to host our volunteers as listed below;

MOISTIEN BRUNO - I volunteered as a dentist at Seed of love Medical facility for three weeks and got a chance to interact with the patients. The clinic is clean and well-maintained. The rooms are also spacious and good enough to hold patients. I also met the SOL children and played with them which was an amazing experience for me.

LIEF GYSSELS - I volunteered as an assistant to the dentist Bruno. During our stay, the children had closed school for their school holidays and we got a chance to interact with them. My personal highlight of the stay was playing with the kids. It felt like playing with my own grandchildren.

AN GYSSELS - I volunteered as a general practitioner. I liked the way the doctor takes his time with each patient. The clinic has potential in growth hence i recommend proper marketing and more volunteers. The children should also come regularly while on holidays for check-ups.

The Kenyan team is extremely grateful for the help they received during the volunteers stay and all we can say is "KARIBU TENA" which translates to "WELCOME AGAIN" in Swahili.

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